Nearly two years ago I moved to southern California, downsizing from a 3,400 square-foot house to a 2,008 space. There was a two week lag between the time I occupied the new (empty) house and the arrival of furniture. I quickly realized just how easily I could live with little more than an air mattress! It was liberating, reinvigorating and surprisingly...refreshing! Needless to say, once the moving truck pulled up I had already decided to sell/trash nearly half of my cumbersome items. Great article!

One could argue that busy writers boast many of the same unhealthy habits of truck drivers: seated for long periods of time, and a lack of stimulating "real-time" conversations with actual people. Unlike truck drivers we can (usually) take work breaks, go for a needed stroll, and refuel with a healthy meal.

It's refreshing to see that you did not crush him with your car...after all you'd be without your bethrothed if you had.

Technology, namely FaceTime, helps bridge the isolating gaps in the COVID era. What follows below is a conversation that I had with my older brother Eddie. He’s been living with severe mental retardation for most of his life and is mute. Since he was about the age of 12, he’s…

Stephen Doyle

Writer, husband and father, with a PhD in life experience, contributing writer at ManyStories.

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